FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Firm is D+H?

We are a mid-size accounting Firm, providing a full range of services including Assurance, Taxation, and Consultation to a wide variety of clients. Our clients service many industries, ranging from individuals and small family businesses to international companies both public and private.

What kinds of experience can D+H offer me?

D+H offers a challenging and rewarding work experience. As a well-established Firm in business since 1952, we have built a solid reputation within the accounting and financial services industry. We are a progressive Firm that changes with the times, adopting the most up-to-date technology and professional development programs. We encourage our employees to continuously upgrade their skills and to seek new challenges.

Although we take our work very seriously, we enjoy a relaxed, pleasant working atmosphere, in a stylish, modern office, with a supportive and friendly team. As well, we offer many opportunities to participate in sponsored sports teams and social events.

What kind of attire is appropriate for the office?

Our office is a casual environment and business casual attire is generally acceptable for working in the office. When you are representing the Firm at a client location or meeting with a client, professional dress is more appropriate.

How does D+H help me in obtaining my CA?

Our program is especially designed to give you a marketable skill set that is directly applicable to your exams.

Within the first few months with D+H, you will be responsible for completing entire files independently, as well as working in collaboration on larger assurance engagements. You will also be exposed to taxation and advisory assignments while studying for your CA.

In addition, we understand that students require time to study. We monitor overtime amongst our employees to ensure that work is shared equally, thus allowing time for your studies. We also allow for paid time off and when required, unpaid time off, for studying for your courses and the UFE.

What opportunities are available once I obtain my CA?

Upon obtaining your CA, your career is just beginning at D+H. We want to ensure you continue to develop as a professional. We collaborate with each of our new CA's, developing a formal plan to meet career objectives. Each plan is personalized and developed to augment your technical and professional skills. For some, this means enrolling in the CICA In-Depth Tax Course to specialize in taxation, or in the CICA IFRS Immersion course to specialize in public company work. Our greatest concern for our new CA's is to ensure they have a solid foundation on which to build their careers.

What Do You Do Other Than Work at D+H... is it a Fun Place to Work?

As a medium sized Firm, our employees work together in a team environment, which fosters a positive and friendly atmosphere. The office is professional, yet casual, and the employees, managers and partners are approachable and open to discussing new ideas. Each person in the Firm is known on a first-name basis within days of joining D+H. We have many social events such as the Christmas party, busy season party and other social events. D+H also sponsors team events including the Corporate Sun Run team and soccer team, and activities such as gym nights. Informal, casual fun is a big part of our culture.

What is D+H's philosophy on the work they do?

The focus at D+H is to produce quality work and superior client service. We manage this by fostering learning and development in a team environment. Through up-to-date technology and training, we strive to provide the best solutions to our clients for their long-term financial gain. We also facilitate camaraderie amongst the employees and partners ensuring communication and shared knowledge for the benefit of all.

What is the compensation and benefits?

We offer an excellent compensation package for our team members. Salary is competitive and overtime is paid. D+H also has an excellent benefit package including extended health, life and disability insurance.

Do you promote within the Firm?

Yes, we definitely do. We encourage all team members to pursue their goals of advancement with us at D+H. We have had a successful track record of promotions within the Firm. Recently, Arthur Azana, Craig Cox, Gordon Cummings, Michael Wong and Bryce McGee were invited into the partnership. All five started their careers as articling students with the Firm as has most of our management team.

How does D+H handle the challenges that face the profession?

The accounting profession has been faced with many recent challenges, making it critical for all team members to have the most accurate and up-to-date training possible. With respect to the challenges in the assurance area, we are registered for CPAB and PCAOB, we encourage our employees to enroll in external courses appropriate to their area of interest. This includes CICA In-Depth Tax and IFRS Immersion Course, and we have a comprehensive professional development program to ensure all team members are current in these area. In addition, D+H holds weekly technical sessions for all partners, managers and qualified accountants.

What Is Work Life Balance?

For the employees at D+H Group, Work Life Balance is the ability to have a fulfilling and rewarding career while still enjoying time at home, work, and in the community. Maintaining a balanced approach to working allows you to be exposed to different experiences, creating a better atmosphere in which to work. At D+H, we are known for our professional, friendly and down-to-earth work environment where one is able to contribute significantly to both the clients and the Firm, and to build and develop a career without sacrificing the important things in life. Another part of balancing work and life is the ability to follow a career path that is unique and individual. Promotions and advancement are definitely part of the career path at D+H, but so is flexibility. We want our employees to be able to achieve all their goals both professional and personal.

Why is Work Life Balance important?

Our industry is realizing that many professionals, because of the lack of balance between work and home, are leaving public accounting firms. We know there is a better option. We believe that by creating a better Work Life Balance, our team members will feel more valued while simultaneously becoming more valuable to our clients. Continuity and perspective are highly valued at D+H Group. Team members, who have the time to renew, re-energize, and grow professionally and personally will be more efficient and productive, thereby enhancing the future of the Firm.

What does D+H offer to assist in Work Life Balance?

The D+H Work Life effort entails providing programs, policies, and services to assist employees with better integration of their professional and personal lives. This will help employees feel more productive, engaged, and satisfied in their work environment.
Some of the programs we offer are:

  • Extended time off upon completion of UFE
  • Unpaid time off
  • Summer hours
  • Workload and overtime monitoring
  • Sponsorship of social, fitness and team events
  • Continuing education and professional development
  • Career paths and career counseling